Product Use:

I just got my Sling Shot®, what are some exercises I can use with it?

The Sling Shot can be used on a variety of movements for increased weight overloading, volume overloading and injury prevention. Some of the best uses of the Sling Shot are Push-Ups, Flat Bench Press, Incline Bench Press and Dips.

When should I be using my STrong Knee Sleeves?

The STrong Knee Sleeves can be used during any movement where the knees need support, compression or protection. Movements like Skwaats, Leg Press, Hack Skwaats, Lunges, etc are all great examples of when the STrong Knee Sleeves will help.

How do I decide which Sling Shot® is best for me?

There are 4 levels of the Sling Shot series. All can be used for the same purposes, but some work best pending on how much you can raw bench press. Please use the guide to determine which Sling Shot is best for you.

  • Reactive Sling Shot – Bench under 275lbs
  • Original Sling Shot – Bench over 275lbs
  • Full Boar Sling Shot – Bench over 365lbs
  • Mad Dog Sling Shot – Bench over 405lbs


If I want a tighter fit is it OK to order a smaller size than what the size chart suggests?

The size chart is designed to maximize the performance, compression and longevity of the product. Follow the size chart to ensure proper fit without compromising support.

What length of wrist wrap would be best for me?

Deciding which wrist wrap to get can be challenging. We recommend the 20” POWER Wrap for accessory work or those who desire a shorter wrap. The 36” Gangsta Wrap works great under heavy strain, but also works well with lighter weights. It mainly comes down to personal preference on how much material you want on your wrist.

How do I know if the product fits correctly?

Our products are designed to fit each person snug and with enough compression or tightness to provide ample amounts of support.

  • Wrist and knee wraps can be adjusted according to the lifters desire
  • Compression Cuffs, STrong Elbow and Knee Sleeves should be on tight enough to limit pain and provide ample support without causing immediate numbness
  • Sling Shots should be snug around the elbow and bicep, not falling off when arms are down
  • Hip Circles should be secure enough around your legs, above your knees, when you’re standing shoulder width apart

My cuffs are very tight, how do I know if they are too tight?

Compression Cuffs must be tight enough to where elbow pain is limited and support is provided. Personal preferences on compression could cause the lifter to remove Compression Cuffs between sets.


How do I wash my items?

We recommend hand washing with cold water and a mild soap and then air drying.

Can I wash my knee sleeves in the washing machine?

We do not recommend washing them in a machine. Detergent and hot water can break down the neoprene and cause your sleeves to deteriorate faster.

Can I put the products in the dryer?

Please do NOT put our products in the dryer. We recommend air drying all of our products, especially knee sleeves.


How do I make sure that my order went through successfully?

Once your order is received you will be taken to a confirmation screen that lets you know the order has been placed. You will also receive an order confirmation email. This email may go to your spam folder depending on your security settings, so please check there as well.

Can I make changes to my order once it has been placed and paid for?

Unfortunately, we are unable to make changes to orders once they have been placed. We ship out orders very quickly and do not always have time to catch them before they ship.


How long does it take for my product to ship out?

Each order takes 1-4 business days to process before shipping out.

Once the order is shipped, will I receive an email with tracking info?

Yes, tracking information will be emailed after we ship your order. You can also check the status of your order from your account page.


How long do I have to return my order?

You have 60. days from the shipping date to return your order.

My product doesn’t fit, how do I return it?

Please request a return here

Do I have to pay to return my items?

Can I exchange my items for a new size?

Yes! Just make sure you select "exchange" when requesting your return here


I have had my gear for less than a year and it broke. Can I get it replaced?

Please fill out a request here and choose return reason "warranty" so we can help you.

Federation Approval:

Do any of your products meet USAPL Guidelines?

All of our products meet USAPL guidelines, however check with your local meet director to determine whether they are approved for use.

Is your gear USPA approved?

Yes. All of our competitive gear is approved by the USPA. However, we always advise you to check with the meet directors.

Is your gear IPF approved?

Gear that is approved for IPF are:

  • 20” 36” Gangsta Wraps
  • 26” Multi-Purpose Wraps
  • Sling Shot 2.0 Knee Sleeves

Is your gear SPF approved?

Yes. All of our competitive gear is approved by the SPF. However, we always advise you to check with the meet directors.

Contacting Us:

What is the best way to get a hold of you?

Please send us an email at - You can also call 01242 676666 during normal business hours (Monday - Friday 10AM-3PM GMT).