Who is Mark Bell?

Mark “Smelly“ Bell is a meathead millionaire who has leveraged a successful powerlifting career into a multi-million dollar business empire.


Mark embodies the true definition of a successful entrepreneur, one who has started a business, taken risks and has become an influential leader in his industry. He and his wife, Andee, own and operate Super Training Products Inc., a multi-million dollar fitness business that they started in 2010.


Mark was struck with an idea on how he could train his chest while injured (torn pec) and came up with the idea for the Sling Shot back in 2008. Two years later he released the patented product online and it quickly became the go to device for anyone wanting to bench press. He has since come up with a variety of products that have changed the fitness training space forever.


Mark has spent most of his 20s and 30s working on becoming a world ranked powerlifter. He is currently ranked in the top 10 of all-time powerlifters, with a total of 2,628 lb. He has squatted 1,080 lbs, bench pressed 854 lbs, and deadlifted 766 lbs. Mark continues to train in his own gym in West Sacramento, CA: Super Training Gym. STG is open to the public on weekends and is Free!

Fitness Expert

Mark has spent most of his life in the gym either working on himself, or training with the best athletes and trainers in the world. You can now access that experience by visiting Markbell.com. Workouts, nutrition advice and training videos are available and updated daily.


Mark Bell and Nsima Inyang have teamed up to offer a widely popular podcast, Mark Bell’s Power Project. They talk on a variety of topics including training, nutrition, current events and bathroom humor. Available on iTunes and Youtube.

The Beginning of Mark Bell Slingshot

July 2010
The Original Slingshot was released

December 2010
Release of the Sling Shot Wrist Wraps

Spring 2014
The Original Hip Circle was released

Fall 2014
Sling Shot Knee Sleeves were released

November 2015
STrong Knee Sleeves were released

January 2019
All items IPF Approved

working on release of new supplement line, new Apparel and more!..